About Us

Our Story

So the story goes as such: Guy learns to code. Guy codes often. Guy gets great at coding. Guy makes a website. Guy makes several websites. Guy starts writing several web applications. Guy gets better at web appications and software development. A year later, here we are.
The guy is now well versed in a variety of coding languages; but still unsatisfied, so now he just works quite a bit with other media.

Our Office

At Phantom-Hex, there is no office. Offices trap people in walls, walls that just keep talent inside without letting it out. No one works from a cubicle at PH; and because of what we do, there's no need for them.

Our Motto

"We code, you wait," has always been a thing for most freelancers and developers. It's the duty of a software development company to create a product and show it with pride to our clients, knowing full-well that afterwards it might get changed and probably not even look like what it was before... but hey, we'll make it right